Thursday, June 18, 2009

Open letter to all priest, bishops, and archbishops

Dear Fathers in Christ,

Many of the faithful in the Church,  as well as many non-Catholic Christians, are deeply troubled by a scandalous phenomenon raging in the Church in America. Raging, in the sense that it has constantly been in the news and a major subject of discussion in all the various social media outlets.

The scandalous behavior referred to is the seemingly brazen attitude of rebellion radiating from many Catholic universities in America.  Their open defiance of the bishops’ guidelines has caused much harm in the spiritual life of many people, including many non-Catholics.

The article, Key U.S. Bishops: No Ecclesiastical Sanctions against Notre Dame from EWTN news link, highlights an even more disturbing development. In the article Bishop Kicanas, in responding to the question of a university deliberately deifying  the bishops’ guidelines and the need for consequences for such an action, gave a political answer of which the Clinton spin machine would have been proud.

Few are so naive as to believe there is no politics in the USCCB.  But to try and spin Fr. Jenkins decision into an act of misunderstanding or blaming it on a lack of clarity in the guidelines issued by the bishops is, for lack of a better term, bovine scatology.

These bishop are more educated than most and yet most laymen can clearly understand the guidelines.  This pattern of defiance has been unfolding over the course of  40 years now, the affect of which has been the establishment of an anti-Magisterium.  This defacto dual system of authority has caused confusion and discord among the faithful.

No one is asking for a judgment unto condemnation for Fr. Jenkins, Notre Dame or any other university that has knowingly or inadvertently defied the Magisterium.  What is being asked is why the Magisterium allows these universities to continue to engage in  what appears to be acts of open defiance in the name of the Catholic faith and to do so unapologetically and with impunity? 

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