Wednesday, June 24, 2009

87 year old father-in-law's letter to the editor

This is a letter that my father-in-law recently wrote to the editor of the Fort Worth Star-telegram. I want to share it with everybody for several reasons.

First, I want to share it to honor him and his service to our country. He flew bombers in WWII and is a bonafide, decorated hero. He has earned the right to have his voice heard.

Second, he is 87 years old and still fighting the enemies of his country. This is a great lesson to all of us. The battle never ends and neither does our call to serve. He is a great example to his children, his grandchildren, and future generations to come.

The third reason is he has lived through several different phases of American history. He has seen many Presidents and administrations come and go. He has a valuable perspective on the current situation in America. It would do us all well and good to listen to the voices of those who have the experience and wisdom that come only with age.

Letter to the editor

Outrageous Disrespect

Having fought in three wars for the United States of America, beginning with World War II, I never thought I would ever hear a U.S. President disgrace my country the way Obama did on his recent trip to Europe.

The asinine statement he made in France claiming Americans are arrogant (notice: not “we Americans”), not only desecrated the honor and memory of Americans buried in Flanders Field in France, but it embarrassed the French people. They are well aware that Americans saved their country twice in the twentieth century.

My aircrew was sent to Europe during the Berlin Air Lift in 1948 and every time we were In France the French people were very grateful to Americans for saving them.

If there are any French people now that think Americans are arrogant it would have to be younger people about Obama's age that are as ignorant of French and American history as Obama.

It is the duty of the few of us veterans still living to speak for the Americans who sacrificed their lives in World War I and World War II because the American news media and the current government in Washington, D.C. Will never do so!

Col. Frank D. Jackson USAF (ret.)


  1. Please tell your father, I appreciate his service. So many people have given their lives for our country and other countries~Young and old people. Only those doing the same now will ever understand what your dad is saying. I'm hoping out of this generation of soldiers some good leaders of tomorrow will emerge. I'm glad he wrote this letter, maybe it will at least make some people think!

  2. P.S. (I know it is your dad-in-law, but good ones just become dad and mom anyway. Sounds like he's a good one!)

  3. He sounds like a class act. Too bad a man of his well spoken wisdom isn't our President right now. Think id find a way to make sure a copy of that found its way to the White House.