Monday, April 27, 2009

What is Our Stay and Staff?

Now would be a good time to answer the question, "What is Our Stay and Staff"?

The phrase came to me while reading in the book of Isaiah 3:1. "For, behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water," KJV. The stay is basically the sustenance or "bread" necessary for daily life. The staff refers to a "walking stick" or "rod" best pictured in common images of shepherds. Basically this verse says the LORD will remove from Jerusalem and Judah their complete sustenance or provision and their protection.

    As I mediated on these verses, it came to me that Jesus Christ is our "Stay and Staff". He is our stay in that He Himself is our daily bread, necessary for eternal life. (See John 6:29-71) He is our whole stay, all that we need for life and life abundantly. He is "body and blood, soul and divinity," our complete provision. He is also our staff. The staff was used for three purposes. The first was for assistance with walking especially on the long journeys. If you have ever been hiking you are familiar with how much a good walking stick helps in the journey. Jesus walks with us on our daily journey, always there to encourage us and even carry us when the way gets to rough. The second purpose for the staff is for protection. He is our buckler and our shield, a mighty fortress for those that love and serve Him. The third purpose of a staff is for correction. Every time we go astray He gently, yet firmly corrects and disciplines us and brings back to the "green pastures."

    So that is what I mean by Stay and Staff. It is just a reminder that Jesus is my All in All.

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